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You may be one of the many people who have been fortunate to work from home securely and remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic due to the need for minimizing contact with large numbers of employees. While working from home, you’ll need to be sure that your PC or laptop functions reliably, and that you are using secure practices to accomplish your work tasks.

If you should require any kind of PC or laptop repair, please contact us at DML Computer Repair, where we specialize in offering the best computer repair and services in Albuquerque to all, especially to military personnel, students, and seniors. Here are some tips to help you work from home securely, while also maintaining a safe work environment.

Work from Home Securely by Keeping Your Home Workplace Safe

In the same way that you lock your work office door at the end of the day, you should secure your home office when you’re finished work for the day. It’s entirely possible that your laptop or PC could be stolen from your workplace, or that someone might compromise your computer during a period where you’re away from your office. By maintaining the same safety and security standards you would at work, you should be able to keep your home office just as secure.

Lock Your Router

Hackers like to exploit the default passwords which have been programmed into home routers because they realize that most people don’t even bother to change them. Protecting your router against hackers is as simple as changing the default to something unique.  Safeguarding your router provides one of the best first steps you can take to work from home securely.

Keep Work devices and Personal Devices Separate

It’s really important to separate your work and personal devices. You never really know if one or the other has been corrupted or compromised by a hacker, so by keeping these two separate, you’ll never have any more than one problem to deal with. Separating your devices will also minimize the amount of sensitive data that gets exposed if either one of your devices should be compromised.

Encrypt Your Work Laptop or PC

If your employer hasn’t provided encryption for you, you should make a point of turning encryption on yourself. The security risk will thus be reduced if your laptop or PC should be stolen or lost. Encrypted data cannot be read by hackers, provided that they don’t have your password, your pin, or any biometrics you have installed on your machine. Encryption works great for denying intelligible content to anyone who intercepts your data, and all you have to do on your Windows operating system is turn on BitLocker.

To truly ensure your laptop or PC are fully protected, you should consult an experienced New Mexico computer repair shop to not only protect your system against future attacks but also to rid it of any current viruses or malware it may have.

Keep Your Operating System and Software Up-to-Date

If your operating system should become infected with a virus, there’s no telling how much damage might be done to your machine. You might also have sensitive company information being siphoned off by a cybercriminal, who could then ransom that information for cash. The best way to prevent cyber attacks is to apply all patches as soon as they’re made available to you and to allow automatic patches to proceed at the earliest opportunity.

The same thing can be said for almost any kind of software you have loaded on your machine. Whenever the vendor issues updates or patches, you should have them installed as soon as possible. Whenever it’s possible, you should use secure SaaS applications, rather than installable software, because these cannot go out of date. Also, security is managed by the provider, which means it’s out of your hands altogether and you don’t have to worry about it.

When You Need Computer Repairs Contact DML

In order to work from home securely with a reliable computer, you might occasionally need some kind of maintenance or repair work done on your PC or laptop. When this situation arises, please contact us at DML Computer Repair in Albuquerque for the very best and fastest service. We’ll have your computer in tip-top shape promptly so you won’t miss any work requirements.

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