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Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal Services


Computer Virus Removal Services in Albuquerque

DML provides expert computer virus removal services for every kind of PC virus infection. We can remove malware, spyware, trojans, worms, adware, hijacks, ransomware, and cryptolockers.

Our computer repair shop provides free tools and training with each virus cleaning. Ask about your free training today!

A computer hijack can lock you out of your computer, damage your programs and precious data and even completely wipe out your entire hard drive.  There are computer viruses that can install software that steals your personal information and even the money in your bank accounts.

Many computers get infected by a virus without the knowledge of the user.  The computer virus is picked up while performing normal web and internet activities including browsing, downloading files, playing media, sharing files or photos, and opening email attachments.

DML Computer Repair of Albuquerque offers a fast, reliable and affordable computer virus removal service.   Our skilled computer repair service specialists stay up-to-date with all the latest PC and Apple malware and security threats and vulnerability issues.  We will use a variety of tools and techniques to accurately diagnose your malware or virus infection and restore your desktop PC or laptop back to a clean, healthy state. 

Did you know that Apple computers do not become infected or affected by viruses like Microsoft computers? It is a little known fact that an “Apple Virus” has never been created. Apple computers are still vulnerable to many of the other fun aspects of virus-like behaviors such as malware, spyware, and particularly Adware.

Types of Computer Viruses & Malware We Repair

Below are the computer viruses we encounter and remove the most often.




Password Attacks



Trojans Horses

Bots & Bugs

Eavesdropping Attacks

Browser Hijackers



Root Kits


Malicious Software

Computer Virus & Malware FAQs

How much does it cost to remove a computer virus?

Virus removal starts as low as $10 but can go as high as $100 if your computer is severely infected. 

Will resetting my computer remove a virus?

Yes, but you will lose all your personal data too. Running a factory reset (aka Windows Reset or reformat and reinstall) will destroy all data stored on the computer’s hard drive along with most viruses. Keep in mind if you do a reset then restore your personal data you may be restoring the viruses too.

Will wiping my computer remove a virus?

Yes in most cases reformating the hard drive will remove most viruses. Just keep in mind if you made a back up of your hard drive the backup may contain the virus.  Before you erase everything we recommend you consider getting the viruses removed by a local Albuquerque computer repair professional.

Will restoring to a backup remove a computer virus?

No.  If you backup an infected hard drive it is possible and very likely that you are backing up the virus as well.  When you restore from your backup you are essentially restoring the virus back to life.

Can I trust free computer virus removal software that I get on the internet?

There are some very good free virus removal programs available on the internet.  If you are a techie then by all means you can try using the free downloads. However, if you depend on your computer for business, school or other key elements of your life we recommend you bring your computer in and let a professional remove the virus.  The pro’s will also be able to plug the holes that allowed the virus to get on your computer.

Computer Repair in Albuquerque

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