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Hard Drive Recovery Services in Albuquerque

DML provides computer hard drive recovery services to Albuquerque and the entire region. We can recover data from Windows and Mac computers as well as servers even if the computer will not boot or the hard drive has been formatted.

Hard drive data recovery services include diagnostics, data extraction from damaged hard drives, and reinstallation of your recovered data onto a new hard drive.  We provide hard drive data recovery on almost any make, model, brand or operating system. We have experience with all types of data loss.

Our computer repair technicians have extensive hard drive data recovery experience with Dell, HP, MSI, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Apple, Alienware, ASUS and many more.  We provide fast, high-quality hard drive recovery for all brands and models of computers and servers.   

Hard Drive Recovery Services We Provide

Below are examples of hard drive data recovery services.  We can fix almost any hard drive recovery problem!

Mechanical Failure
Motor Failure
Partial Data Loss
Clicking or Grinding Noises
Data Degradation (old media)
Hacking & Viruses
Head Crash
Accidental Data Deletion
Accidental Reformatting
Electrical Surges
Physical Damage
Logical Failure
Water Damage
Corrupted Hard Drives
SSD, RAID, NAS Recovery
Fire Damage

Hard Drive Recovery FAQs

What are the signs and symptoms of a hard drive crash?
1. Slow computer
2. Freezing of computer
3. Clicking sounds (turn off the computer immediately)
4. Computer stuck in a loop
5. Windows error messages are displayed after a black screen at the beginning of startup
What Should I Do If My Hard Drive Quits Working
Stop using the computer immediately. Turn off the computer and bring it to our Albuquerque computer repair shop for a free diagnostic.
My hard drive is working but I can't access some of my data. What should I do?
If your hard drive appears to be working and you can access some but not all of your data, then your computer is experiencing a logical failure. This could be due to a lost partition of the drive.  Turn off your computer immediately and bring it to our computer repair shop in Albuquerque for a free diagnosis.
Can I used the Windows CHKDSK utility to recover data?
You need to use CHKDSK with caution. The improper use of CHKDSK can do more harm than good. In some cases using CHKDSK can permanently destroy data that may have been recoverable. We recommend you bring your computer in for a free diagnostic before attempting to us CHKDSK.
Does Do-It-Yourself data recovery software work?
It depends on the nature of the hard drive failure. If your hard drive has become corrupted, data recovery software can sometimes find fragmented parts of your data on the hard drive and rebuild your files. However, the use of data recovery software always carries significant risk. Unless you have some serious geek skills we recommend you bring your hard drive in for a free diagnostic so an expert can assess the nature of the hard drive failure.
I've suffered a Ransomeware attack, what should I do?
Stay calm. Some Ransomware can encrypt your hard drive so you can’t access your data? We understand your anger and frustration. Bring your computer to our office and our computer virus/malware removal and repair experts will work with you to recover your precious data as quickly as possible

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