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It might be a bit difficult to find gifts for PC gamers in Albuquerque if you’re trying to avoid just buying them another video game that’s for multi-players. Of course, there are plenty of those around, so if that’s what you’re considering, you’ll have lots to choose from. But if you want to be a little more original, there are some really cute choices you might want to consider.

Several of the best of these are described below, and based on your knowledge of your particular couples’ personalities, one of them might be ideal.

Gifts for PC Gamers: Customized Gamer Couple Bobbleheads

This delightful bobblehead shows two figures in wedding garb, clutching their video controllers, and doing what they love to do most. There are several aspects of the two figures which can be customized, including the names, their clothing, and their specific poses. What better way to celebrate your friends’ love of gaming than to immortalize them in bobblehead figures?

Gamer Wedding Print

This gamer wedding print is a customizable print, which shows two game controllers side-by-side, and a caption that reads “Forever in 2-Player Mode”. At the bottom of the print, two names can be inserted, and this is where your friends’ particular names would go. It can be framed to create a charming little addition to any wall in the couple’s household, to always remind them of their commitment to gaming and each other.

Wine Glass Set

These wine glasses have been etched with a laser for perfect accuracy in the design and lettering. They are stemless glasses which are both elegant and full-bodied, and the outside has been etched with “Player 1” and “Player 2”. A video game controller depicted just below the lettering creates the perfect image, and at the base of each glass, the customized name of each player would be etched as well.

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Puzzle Pieces Masks for Couples

These masks are not only functional but demonstrate a mutual commitment between your Alburquerque computer gaming couple friends. They are both black face masks, and one of them shows a puzzle piece along with lettering that reads, “I am her missing piece”. Naturally, the other mask also shows a puzzle piece and has been lettered with the inscription, “I am his missing piece”. What better way to show how each of your couple friends completes the other with this creative gift for PC gamers in New Mexico?

Customized Cutting Board

Every couple can use a strong cherry wood cutting board around the kitchen, and this one can be customized to include the names of each person. The board also contains a digital graphic of two game characters shown on the cutting board, one male and one female. The names of the two persons can be included just above the two figures, to always remind them of their love for gaming whenever they are preparing meals.

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