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Do you need gift ideas for computer gamers in your life? If yes, then you are in the right place. Whether you are a non-gamer looking for a gift to surprise your loved one, or looking for some new cool stuff to enjoy for yourself, the following gift ideas are sure to give you the status of legendary gift-giver. 

Virtual Reality System

Virtual Reality, or VR, headsets will take your loved one into a whole new virtual world. Purchasing a virtual reality system such as the Rift System by Oculus can unlock a new, intense and immersive gaming experience. The package already includes six games that will make the gamer in your excited. Oculus creatively designed their VR system controllers so players can interact with various virtual world elements. Although Rift Virtual Reality System is expensive, considering the features and gaming experience, it’s worth every penny.

Gaming Mouse Pad 

Serious computer gamers in Albuquerque dream about having a mouse pad specially designed to enhance their gaming skills. So, if you are looking for gift ideas for computer gamers, you may want to consider the MM300 mousepad by Corsair. 

The first striking feature of this gaming mouse pad is the length. At just over 36 inches long, the avid gamer can also fit their keyboard on the pad. Another feature that computer gamers will appreciate is the textile-weaved surface that enables improved accuracy while playing shooting games. Furthermore, these pads give an extra surface to the gamers so they can play without fear of getting out of the pad. And for the cost-conscious, the Corsair MM300 has a much more affordable price point at under $20.00.

Mobile Game Controller by Razer Kishi

With a mobile game controller, your favorite computer gamer can take an immersive gaming experience on the go. Razer Kishi specializes in gaming controllers compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, converting a mobile phone into a gaming controller. Many Android users don’t know that they can play several console games on their mobile phones. While this mobile game controller is a great solution for gaming on the go, carrying, attaching, and detaching the controller can be a bit challenging. However, once you get the hang of it, setting up the controller will be quite straightforward.

PC Gaming Chair 

An ultra-comfy gaming chair is one of the best gift ideas for computer gamers. A chair specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience and reduce health problems such as improper body posture will be especially appreciated by PC gamers who spend hours in their alternate reality. If this sounds like the ideal gift for your favorite computer gamer, check out PC Magazine’s list of best computer gaming chairs for 2021

Gaming Desk by Atlantic

To go along with the new gaming chair, check out a gaming desk by manufacturers like Atlantic. Great gift ideas for computer gamers, many of Atlantic’s gaming desks feature a cup holder to keep your gamer hydrated, as well as other attachments to organize peripherals and other computer accessories to ensure that gamers can play for hours. Besides the large compartments, gaming desks also boast a game storage rack, monitor storage, charging station, a cable management system, and game controller hooks. A gaming desk by Atlantic is an incredible gift for gamers to keep their gaming space organized and play games comfortably.

best gift ideas for computer gamers - custom build console

Custom-Built Gaming Console From DML

Of course, the best gifts ideas for computer gamers won’t matter if the gamer in your life is dealing with a sub-par console. At DML Computer, we specialize in custom-build gaming computers that will send you into the stratosphere of ultimate gift-giver. Because we are avid PC gamers ourselves, we know firsthand that maximizing the gaming experience requires more than just throwing together components. Factors such as wiring, chassis airflow, power delivery, and layout of components represent the core foundation of a true gaming computer custom build, and we are Albuquerque’s resident experts at maximizing the performance of your computer gamer’s console. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve legendary gifting status with our custom builds and repairs of gaming computers.