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Locally-Owned Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair is a computer repair shop, local and family-owned. The owner and amazing technician started the computer repair shop in 2013 with the hopes of making computer repair affordable and informative for everyone.  DML specializes in the repair of computers, virus removal, software install/update, file recovery and lap top screen repair. We are also passionate about gaming computers which we both repair and custom build. Did we mention that we are avid gamers?  Our computer repair shop completes most repairs in a few days. Some repairs can be completed the same day.  All work is performed onsite in our Albuquerque computer repair shop. We never ship your computer to some mass repair center like other repair shops. Our staff is never pressured or overloaded, this ensures that your repair is done right the first time.  We have  a 5 Star rating on Google and exceeding 100 reviews. Read our reviews Google and Yelp.

Our Mission: Trust & Satisfaction

At DML our core belief is that our success and professional satisfaction are about building relationships of familiarity, trust, and satisfaction in our work.  The team at our computer repair shop will always take a genuine interest in meeting your needs. Our employees want to hear about your projects, deadlines, and goals with the objective to make your life easier.  We offer advice from rare topics, such as ergonomics (relating to PC’s) and gift ideas for that beloved gamer in your life.  We truly want to help make your life as easy as possible.  Come visit our computer repair shop so we can welcome you into the DML Family. We look forward to discussing your technological needs.

A Note From The Owner: “I wanted to change the computer world”…

I once had trouble finding pc repairs that offered Computer diagnostic and repair near me.  Just when you think you found a place for pc repairs and computer tune up near me, they close.  Finding an honest and reliable shop for computer troubleshooting near me has always been a challenge.  It always seems that all the fantastic little “mom and pop” pc shops in Albuquerque never last.  Even those that do last, tend to go downhill after a few years.  For example, I found this great little pc fixer about 15 years ago, and then suddenly their services became awful.  This once awesome pc shop near me, stopped returning my calls, taking weeks with diagnostics, and performing repairs incorrectly.  Eventually the owner became too grouchy to deal with and closed soon after he increased all his prices.

 You don’t need to look any further for the best computer fixers.  I started DML over a decade ago, with the purpose of providing affordable and reliable comp repair near me.  As a society we use a PC more than any other time in history.  After the city shutdowns during the pandemic, we learned that pc repairs are an essential part of post-COVID lives.  More than ever, we need reliable pc technicians and experienced computer fixers.  As a PC store that has been around over a decade, I am proud to be considered the best help with computers in Colorado Springs.  It’s time that someone offers competent PC services, such as computer upgrade services near me.  I wanted to change the computer world, by offering the best services in my little shop before anyone else.   Visit DML and chat with the best computer technicians in the state.  See for yourself why we are considered the best computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.

Community Involvement

Giving Back to Albuquerque

Donate Your Old Computer Equipment

We are a company that reduces waste in our lives, the lives of our clients and the community.  As a result, donations are used by both our pc repairs shop and our hardship program.  What does this mean for you?  This means that you can remain confident in your donations and items to be recycled.  They ALWAYS go to a good cause.  100% of recycled computers are refurbished for community donations or sold to pay for the DML Hardship Program.  It’s heart-warming knowing that all of your donations go to those in need, often at no cost at all through our DML Hardship Program.  This program is especially important to the owner of DML Comp Repair, having grown up in foster homes, she strives to give back to the community where she can.

We accept the following donations: computers of all types, ages and brands, computer components, chargers, phones and accessories. We also recycle office machines, hardware, and general office supplies.

Hardship Program

At DML Computer Repair we believe in giving back to the Colorado Springs community!

When there is a need, based on any hardship, we provide computers at little to no cost to those who need it most. Students, small businesses, single parents and more benefit from this wonderful program. Your donations and contribution matter! Please donate today.

DML Internship & Youth Recycling Program

DML Computer Repair gives local high school students the opportunity to be a part of our team. They learn valuable work ethics and technical skills through our DML internship program.  In fact, every year DML hosts the YRP or “Youth Recycling Program”, where dozens of youth work together to recycle old computers.


Why is a small “mom and pop” shop better than other “larger” comp repair near me?

At DML, we are a family of certified computer experts that work together to help our community.  We aren’t just computer fixers; we are also a family that extends to our clients.  We treat each client as if they were a part of our family, with respect and a deep desire to help improve your life.  We send a welcome text when you sign up for DML Texts, welcoming you to the DML Family.  We also try to welcome those who walk into our PC shop for the first time to the DML Family.  It is safe to say that there is no PC shop like DML in the entire state of Colorado.

Comp repair near me has always been unreliable. How do I know I can trust DML?

DML Computer Repair has spent the last decade proving to the Colorado Springs community that we are the best computer repairs company nearby.  We complete 99% of all diagnostics and repairs within 24 hours, which is phenomenal.  Only 1% of our diagnostics are completed within 24-72 hours.  Our competitors often keep a PC for 2-12 weeks just for the diagnostics phase.  Add another 2-12 weeks for a repair, and you won’t see your PC for 6 months at other computer fixing stores.  At DML, we don’t want to keep your computer any longer than is absolutely necessary for pc repairs.  Diagnostics are completed within 24 hours, in most cases.  PC repairs are typically completed within 1-14 days (at most).

Do you offer computer troubleshooting near me?

The computer technicians at DML Comp Repair perform a variety of pc repairs.  Our pc technicians are happy to give you a free pc diagnostic also known as “computer troubleshooting”.  We diagnose all computers (except for custom computers) for free.  This service includes Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems.  We are conveniently located inside the building at 223 N Wahsatch Ave in Suite A in the building next to Taco Bell.

Do you offer computer diagnostic and repair near me?

Yes, we perform free computer diagnostics nearby, conveniently located at 10900 Menaul Blvd in Northeast Albuquerque.  Most people are surprised that we provide free pc diagnostic services, since most pc shop repair stores have diagnostic fees.   Other laptop fixing shops charge as much as $100 just to look at your computer.  I had a client come in the other day who stated that “Geek Squad won’t even look at a computer without $149.99” paid up front.  The same client stated that the same company wanted to “send his computer to another state for repairs”.  His reply?  “No, thank you”!  At DML we have dozens of examples of other shops that perform computer diagnostics with outrageous fees.  We have never charged a diagnostic fee, nor will we ever charge one.  This is the DML Guarantee!

Do you perform computer upgrade services near me?

Yes, we perform all types of computer upgrade services. These computer upgrades can take longer than an hour, depending on the availability of parts.  For example, if you need specific parts that we don’t carry, this can delay your upgrade for 3-10 days.  Simple upgrade services include RAM, Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, and power supply upgrades.  Medium upgrade services include GPU, CPU, Bluetooth, and wireless capabilities upgrades.  Complicated upgrade services include upgrading to custom computer cooling systems, gaming specifications, and case design upgrades.  These complicated upgrades can take 2-6 weeks, based on availability of computer builders.

Do you perform computer tune up near me?

A computer tune up is one of the easiest and least expensive pc repairs to perform.  DML Comp Repair performs this pc repair frequently and with ease.  Whether you need a software tune up or a hardware tune up, most can be done within an hour.  Hardware tune ups are tweaks to the hardware of a PC.  A good example is when cables interfere with the performance of a computer and “cable management” is needed.  This is especially true with clients who build their own computers and need hardware tweaks to increase PC performance.   There are 2 types of software tune ups. Most software tune ups are typically achieved through a special software used by professional PC technicians.  A smaller percentage are achieved by manually modifying software for better pc performance.

I like to go to a different shop for computer diagnostic and repair near me? Is it ok if I also do business with you?

I like to encourage our clients to visit different computer and laptop repairs in Colorado Springs.   You will find that our shop is the best pc gaming repair, while another shop might be the best lap top screen repair in Colorado Springs.  In other words, you may find something valuable in each pc shop repair.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t go to different pc shop repair for different services, this is simply counterproductive.  With that said, I don’t recommend that you visit different computer fixing shops for the same service.  For example, if you need your hard drive replaced and one shop doesn’t do a good job, it’s always best to provide the shop the opportunity to fix their mistake.  This will give you a good warranty and allow computer fixers to rectify their mistakes, without costing you additional fees from a different shop.  Most pc shop repair stores will not fix a mistake if you have taken your computer to a different computer store first.  This philosophy is due largely to the idea that many computer fixing shops do not have certified pc technicians, increasing the risk that they may have broken the system more.  Protect yourself and your computers, always take a PC to computer fixing stores near me that have certified computer techs.

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