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About DML Computer Repair Shop in Albuquerque

Locally-Owned Computer Repair in Albuquerque

DML Computer Repair is a computer repair shop located near the corner of Menaul Blvd & Juan Tabo Blvd in Albuquerque, NM. We are local and family-owned. The owner and amazing technician started the computer repair shop in 2013 with the hopes of making computer repair affordable and informative for everyone.

DML specializes in the repair of desktop computers and laptops, virus/malware removal, software install/update, hard disk recovery and screen repair. We are also passionate about gaming computers which we both repair and custom build. Did we mention that we are avid gamers?

Our computer repair shop completes most repairs in a few days. Some repairs can be completed the same day.

All work is performed onsite in our Albuquerque computer repair shop. We never ship your computer to some mass repair center like other repair shops. Our staff is never pressured or overloaded to make sure your repair is done right the first time.

Did you know that DML also sells used computers?  Yes, we do!  Our used desktop computers are fully refurbished with solid state drives!  In fact, our used laptop for sale also have the fastest hard drives pre-installed.  We also refurbish computers upon request.  Are you looking for that perfect used computer?  No problem, we can find a used computer that is right for you and at an affordable price.

We have close to a 5 Star rating on Google and approaching 100 reviews. Read our reviews Google and Yelp.

Our Mission: Trust & Satisfaction

At DML our core belief is that our success and professional satisfaction are about building relationships of familiarity, trust, and satisfaction in our work.

The team at our computer repair shop will always take a genuine interest in meeting your needs. Our employees want to hear about your projects, deadlines, and goals with the objective to make your life easier.  We offer advice from rare topics, such as ergonomics (relating to PC’s) and gift ideas for that beloved gamer in your life.  We truly want to help make your life as easy as possible.

Come visit our computer repair shop so we can welcome you into the DML Family. We look forward to discussing your technological needs.

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Used Gaming Desktops
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Refurbished Laptops
Refurbished Desktops
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Do Used Computers have a warranty?

DML's used computers do not have a warranty.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the primary reason is to keep costs down for our clients.  Many warranties can cost  anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on the computer.  If you would like a warranty, simply ask for one and we can add the appropriate fee upon check out.  However, if you like to keep your costs down, DML offers an exchange of your computer for store credit, within 30 days of purchase.  This exchange can be used for the purchase of another computer or towards the repair of a computer.  As a small "mom and pop" shop, we pride ourselves in doing the right thing for our clients.  Thank you for your continued pc repairs Albuquerque!

Do Refurbished Computers have a warranty?

Yes, all of our refurbished computers come with a 30 day warranty and several may even have up to a year warranty (for desktops).

Do Custom Build Computers have a warranty?

Yes, all of our custom computers come with a 6 month - 5 year warranty.  With custom computers, you get what you pay for.  This means that if you order cheaper parts, the warranty will be closer to 6 months.  However, if you request our very best parts, many of them have 3-5 year warranties.

Community Involvement

Giving Back to Albuquerque

Donate Your Old Computer Equipment

We accept the following donations: computers, computer parts, chargers, phones and accessories. We also recycle office machines, hardware, and general office supplies. These donations are used by our computer repair shop and allow our prices to remain affordable. We also refurbish some of your donations and provide them to those in need, often at no cost at all, through our DML Hardship Program.

Hardship Program

At DML Computer Repair we believe in giving back to the Albuquerque community!

When there is a need, based on any hardship, we provide computers at little to no cost to those who need it most. Students, small businesses, single parents and more benefit from this wonderful program. Your donations and contribution matter! Please donate today.

DML Internship & Youth Recycling Program

DML Computer Repair gives local high school students the opportunity to be a part of our team. They learn valuable work ethics and technical skills through our DML internship program.  In fact, every year DML hosts the YRP or “Youth Recycling Program”, where dozens of youth work together to recycle old computers.