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Colorado Springs Computer Repair

DML Computer Repair is rated the best computer repair service in Colorado Springs. Get your computer problem diagnosed now, it’s free and easy!

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List of Computer Services

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Laptop Repair

DML Computer Repair does all laptop repair locally in our COS Computer repair shop.  We also repair a variety of brands.  This includes, Dell, HP, ASUS, MacBook, Samsung, Acer Toshiba, and more!


Desktop Repair

Desktop computers are the easiest and fastest computers to repair.  As a result, our DML certified techs, can perform these repairs easily!

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Virus Removal

Do you think that your laptop has a virus?  First of all, the computer techs at DML have vast experience with virus removal.  Second, we provide free virus, malware, spyware, adware, rootkit, and hijack scans.  You will love the service!

Laptop Screen Repair

A broken laptop screen is one of the easiest repairs for computer geeks!  Did you know that most screens can be replaced in less than an hour?  In other words, as long as we have the parts, we can fix it fast!  In any case, a cash deposit is needed for most laptop screen replacements.


Data Recovery

We are the top data experts in Colorado Springs, doing hundreds of hard data recoveries every week.  Amazingly, 90% of our data recoveries succeed, due to our proven data retrieval methods.  In need of a quick data recovery or data transfer?  Please keep in mind that the recovery process can take longer for failing drives.

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System Software

Do you need Windows 10 installed?  OSx upgrades? Linux installation? or Open BSD? DML techs can upgrade, restore or install any software.  Most important, these are hard working PC techs that make sure you get back to what matters most.
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Gaming Computer Repair

As gamers ourselves, our computer technicians don’t just build computers, they fix them too!  We absolutely love to speak to clients about their latest computer built.   In fact, let’s plan you’re next upgrade!  Visit our computer building technicians today.  Don’t forget to bring a cup of coffee for your favorite tech’s hard work.  Nobody can turn down a delicious Macchiato!

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Custom Computer Builds

COS residents find the name DML synonymous with custom computer.  Why?  Because DML is famous in Colorado Springs!  Visit us today, to find out why our shop is THE PC PLACE to go for computer repairs! DML has the best computer builders in our state!  We provide lasting computers with the best computer components available within your budget.  Computer DML techs built 10 years ago are still functioning perfectly!

We are friendly, local , &  family owned

Our amazing computer technicians take a genuine interest in meeting you and discovering your computer needs.  Even better, we are a local and family-owned business. Our professional technicians live to hear about your deadlines to help make your life easier. Come by, have a seat, drink coffee and let us welcome you into the DML Family!

Finally, Affordable Computer Repair!

DML offers competitive prices and a free evaluation for most computers.  Our professional technicians do not charge hourly rates, unlike other repair shops nearby.  We charge flat rates, without any surprise fees, EVER!  Additionally, many of our computer technicians provide minor services at no cost you!  This is why we have been the best computer repair shop in Colorado Springs!

Fast Service with Excellent Communications

Our number one goal is to provide the best computer repair service in Colorado Springs. We take pride in providing a fast turnaround time while ensuring quality and professional service. Hablamos Español.

Are you looking for the best computer repair near me?  

With decades of experience, and excellent service, DML is one of the most reputable computer shops in Colorado Springs.  There’s no need to visit the “other” computer guys near me.  Many of our clients would say that we are “the best computer guys near me”!  It is not surprising that our client reviews repeatedly prove that we are the best computer repairs Colorado Springs.  Even less surprising, is that DML is quickly expanding services, making us the best computer repairs Colorado Springs.  Our pc repairs technicians provide services from the Pueblo foothills to the heart of El Paso County.  We also love the work we perform, our clients, and our community.  


Our dedication shows in our community-based work.

Programs such as the DML Hardship Program, help local families with technology and affordable PC repairs.  Donations to this program are designed to help those who might not be able to afford the PC repairs they need to succeed. Our Hardship and computer donation programs make us the most popular computer shops Colorado Springs.


Did you know that DML computer shops Colorado Springs, is locally owned and operated by a family of gamers and computer tinkerers?  

We aren’t just the best computer repair shop near me; we are also a family of gamers and pc builders. As gamers, we are constantly looking to improve the industry and as a computer shop Colorado Springs, we pass that knowledge to our clients.  We are always finding new and improved ways to approach computer and laptop repairs more efficiently.  A perfect example of such innovation is our custom liquid cooling systems.  These unique systems are designed in our shop to promote the best possible cooling for each individual gaming computer.  In other words, our master technician carefully designs each system, solely to meet the specific needs of your system.  No cookie-cutter liquid coolers!  


Our job is easy because we love it and it shows, since we are the best computer repairs Colorado Springs!  

Many of our clients visit us just to chat about pc builds and all the games that we love to play.  We talk about potential computer performance issues, compatibility issues, PC repairs and the perfect custom computer.  Anyone who has ever thought about creating their own computer, has found us talking about that perfect Gaming PC!  Imagine a gaming desktop that blows bubbles or sings your favorite song when the power button is pressed?   What about a beautiful, shiny, new computer tower with the latest RGB lighting technology?  We are not just among the best computer shops in Colorado Springs, we are THE BEST.


Years ago, it could take weeks for PC Repairs at computer stores Colorado Springs and the cost was outrageous!  

DML has changed all this, as the best computer repair near me.  Thankfully, PC repairs have never been easier, more efficient, and affordable!  You would drop off your computer at the best computer repair shop near me, not see it for 3-6 months.  Never experience this again!  DML provides fast service with “on-the-spot” evaluations for simple issues and fast quotes.  Although many PC diagnostics can take less than 1 hour, in some cases evaluation could take up to 7 days.  This is especially true when there are multiple computer and laptop repairs needed.   For example, if your laptop screen is broken AND it does not power on.  The laptop screen could be immediately quoted; however, the power issue could cause a delay in further diagnosis.  At the present time, computer components are also easier to purchase in most computer shops near me.  Even overseas shipment times have improved, with parts arriving in as little as 5 days.    As a result, your pc fixing is faster and easier than ever!


What are the benefits of a free diagnostic at DML, the best computer repairs Colorado Springs?

The word “free” says it all!  We offer 100% free diagnostics, while many shops are still charging “hidden fees” for their PC evaluations.  In worse case scenarios, computer stores Colorado Springs are providing inaccurate evaluations for $80, which is nonrefundable.  It has also become a common PC repairs shop practice to charge a PC diagnostic fee “unless your computer is repaired” at their store.  What if your computer is damaged beyond repair?  You are stuck with a diagnostic fee for a computer that can’t be repaired?  Scenarios such as this one, have given computer guys near me a terrible reputation, which we work hard to avoid.  Most importantly, DML only employs certified laptop technicians and certified computer technicians to perform these evaluations.  This expertise gives us the ability to guarantee our diagnostics and quote your computer’s issue with accuracy.  Our experienced computer techs check and double-check all their work to get the PC repairs right the first time.  Nobody likes returning to a store 2, 3, or 5 times for computer and laptop repairs that were not done correctly!  Admittedly, there are times when a computer experiences issues that were not present at the time of repair.  In this case, we take a second look at your computer and correct the secondary issue right away.  This occurrence is rare; however, it can happen.

DML is one of the small family-owned computer shops in Colorado Springs. What does this mean for me, as a client?

A small family shop means that our service is 100% personalized and tailored to meet your exact needs.  As one of the smallest computer repair businesses nearby, you will find friendly faces and excellent service.  We care about your deadlines and getting your technology working correctly and timely. Each of our technicians wants to help you resolve your problem quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  Our certified techs will communicate with you every step of the repair process and answer all your questions.  We also communicate in a way that works best for you, whether this is via email, text, or phone call.  The very best part about being a small business?  It also means that our warranties are very friendly, and we work tirelessly to get issues resolved easily and quickly.   Most importantly, we understand the delicacy of due dates and data protection.  We don’t hold on to your computer any longer than we need to for repairs and your data is always 100% secure.


When are computer techs available for a free computer diagnostic and PC repairs near me?

Our computer shops Colorado Springs technicians are available in 2 shifts during a 24-hour period.  Our doors are unlocked and available for walk-ins from 9am to 6pm,no appointment needed.   After 6pm, we ask that you please call ahead for an appointment.  Overnight shifts take extra precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of our computer technicians.  Please call or text before taking a trip to one of our computer shops in Colorado Springs, during the midnight shift. 

How long can I expect my PC repairs and laptop repairs to take?

The first step is to bring your computer to one of our computer shops Colorado Springs for your free diagnostic.  Upon drop off, we will have you fill out a short form and provide you with proof that we are diagnosing your computer.  Diagnosis can be expected in as little as 30 minutes or as much as 3 days (for multiple issues).  It is worth mentioning that the average diagnosis is less than 24 hours.  Once a certified tech has completed the evaluation, you will receive a text, email or phone call with the results.  At this point, you may decide to proceed with the PC repairs or cancel any further actions, at no additional cost.   Finally, if you approve the work, your technician will speak to you about a potential deposit for parts or labor.

How much will it cost to repair my computer?

The cost to repair is, of course, dependant on the labor and parts needed to fix the problem.  Luckily you can find out the exact cost to repair your computer by simply dropping it off at our Colorado Springs computer repair shop where we will diagnose the problem and provide you a reliable, fix-price quote for the repair.

What are your address and hours?

Our address is:

223 N Wahsatch Ave Suite 104, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Our hours are:

Mon-Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 1-3pm

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount to military, seniors and students. We have special pricing for business computer repair and bulk computer repair.

What brands of computers do you service?
We work on Windows PCs, Linux boxes, Apple computers, gaming computers and most generic computers.  We service the following major brands: HP, MSI, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Gateway, Alienware and ASUS (includes ROG or Republic of Gamers).

If your computer manufacturer is not listed, please call to verify we repair that model of computer.

I heard the DML is one of the best computer stores Colorado Springs. Does DML really perform the best computer repairs near me?

We have a 100% solid reputation in the entire state of Colorado for being the best computer repairs Colorado Springs.  DML services the entire state, with thousands of clients in Colorado Springs alone. As one of the few shops in the state that fixes and builds gaming computers, we are the leaders in the local industry.  While our competitors purchase their computers elsewhere, we build them right here in town.  We pour quality parts, innovative designs and all our love for gaming into these custom computers.  Although we are well known for our gaming computers, our basic PC repairs also exceed expectations.  The repairs that make us “the best” include free antivirus, personalized training, soldering, affordable repairs, and used computers that last.  We also use the very best parts to ensure a repair that will only need to be done once.  Many times, computer fixers use cheap computer parts that break easily.  This is an underhanded way to guarantee that you will return for new repairs every few months.  When we fix it, computer repairs are long-lasting and hassle-free.

Do you repair business computers?

Yes, we love helping businesses with their computer repair needs.  And we understand the importance of your computer to your business so we give priority service to business computer repairs.

Do you provide remote computer repairs?

We do provide remote computer software maintenance.  Please call to discuss.

Do you provide in-home computer repair in Colorado Springs?

No, we don’t provide in-home computer repair.  Please call us to discuss your problems so we can provide you a recommended course of action.

Should I repair or replace my broken laptop?

The decision to repair or replace a broken laptop depends on the cost of the repair.  Contact us for a free diagnosis of your laptop repair to determine the exact cost to repair so you can make an informed decision regarding repairing or replacing.

My computer needs to be evaluated for an insurance claim quote for PC repairs. Does DML charge a fee for this paperwork?

In many cases an insurance claim, typically means that a computer is a “total loss” or non-repairable. Many computer repair businesses do not perform insurance claims paperwork since it can require a certified technician.  Most computer guys near me do not perform this service.  DML provides this service; however, there is a $25 fee for paperwork relating to insurance claims.  Many times, this paperwork includes pictures and proof of a total loss or extensive damage to computers.  Please send us an email with your insurance claim paperwork, and a request for an “insurance claim” appointment.  Due to the extensive nature of claims, they can take up to 2 weeks to process.  We are the best computer repair shop near me, for all pc repairs and insurance claims. Visit the best computer repair shop near me, for the most accurate claims, accepted by insurance companies.


Why can’t I just choose the first option for “best computer repair near me” on google search?

As a fellow shopper, I always recommend that you don’t choose the first option on google search for computer and laptop repairs.  These companies pay for their ad to be shown first on google and are placed there regardless of reputation.  I recommend that you scroll down and find a link that does not say “Ad”, to ensure the best PC places.  Once you have found a company that draws your attention, read the negative reviews; many times, you can learn more from negative reviews than from positive ones.  The overall reviews can give you a really good idea of their service but be cautious of fake or exaggerated reviews.   In addition, photos posted by clients can also be very helpful in choosing a good laptop fixing shop.  Clients often post photos of their favorite pc tech or an eye-catching gaming computer.  Client pictures can be found directly on Google’s search results and can speak volumes about a PC repairs company.

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